A white paper on networking – by Head Resourcing

A guide to 21st Century Networking by Head Resourcing

You might remember that I was interviewed over Skype by Scott Torrance of Flux Insights a few weeks ago. Flux Insights do a load of work with Head Resourcing and you can take a look at the interview right here – “Being in the right place at the right time with Head Resourcing“.

Anyway, I follow Scott’s work and love his take on many business subjects. Some of what he says is in line with my thinking, and some of what he says challenges me and helps me to see a different point of view.

Yesterday I spotted a white paper he has been involved in creating for Head Resourcing, discussing networking in far more scientific detail than I have ever managed. I really felt it was worth a share and hope it helps your understanding of networking too.

There is a slideshare version below, and a PDF version here – http://blog.headresourcing.com/white-paper-a-guide-to-21st-century-networking/

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