What is the difference between The Networking Retreat and The Networking Retreat EXPERIENCE

The Networking Retreat

After almost ten years networking experience, during which time I have attended over 1000 networking events and met and learnt from some of the most successful networkers in the UK, I know that my approach just works. The way that I teach my clients to approach networking can make a massive difference to their sales.

So, in September 2015 I launched The Networking Retreat and in January 2016 that was followed with The Networking Retreat EXPERIENCE. Both of these are designed to help people significantly increase their sales from networking.

Lots of people have been asking me what the difference is between the two, so I shall explain here:


The Networking Retreat

24 hours with me and a handful of other networkers, in a fantastic hotel in Oxfordshire.

You spend your time with me building a bespoke strategy for your networking, along with a script for your networking introduction and lots more.

You will come away with:

  • Your 40 or 60 second networking introduction written for you by me and rehearsed by you – designed to have people queuing for a 121 with you.
  • A strategy to handle your 121s to turn them into follow up appointments.
  • A follow up strategy designed specifically for you and your business.
  • A social media approach which will work for you, based on where you are likely to find prospects for your business, with tactics to approach them successfully.
  • Specific advice on making sales from LinkedIn from a well known UK LinkedIn expert.
  • Building your personal brand – from someone who has done it and built a massive business using the techniques she will share with you.
  • How to sell in a networking environment – this is exactly what I do, and can show you how to do so effortlessly.
  • Plus you get your accommodation, meals and access to all of the hotel’s facilities for the entire 24 hours you are there.
  • BONUS ONE HOUR PRIVATE CONSULTATION WITH ME – after all of this, I will follow up with you a couple of week’s later and spend a whole hour with you ensuring you are making the most of the advice and, crucially that you are making sales.

Previous attendees have seen their sales from networking soar.

Samantha Rollins of The Daily Telegraph’s highest rated UK accountants said “within two months I went from an average of one client per month from networking, to five clients”

Leading UK business coach Claire McTernan said “I implemented one more thing from the Retreat and it has resulted in a new client which gives me a positive ROI within 6 days”.

The Networking Retreat is held in Oxfordshire around once a month. Attendance costs £499+VAT inclusive of all the above. To book go to http://thenetworkingretreat.co.uk/


The Networking Retreat EXPERIENCE

On tour to various locations around the UK.

Two hours presented by me, with typically around 30 networkers in the room where you will learn:

  • How to build an awesome networking introduction – your 40 or 60 seconds – which will describe exactly what you do and have people queueing for a 121 with you.
  • How to increase your sales from networking by following up in the right way – something that so many people get wrong, and lose sales as a result.
  • How to use LinkedIn efficiently, effectively and consistently. I generate sales from LinkedIn to businesses of all sizes – you can too.

Tickets cost just £40+VAT with a limited number of early bird tickets available for each event at £30+VAT.

To book now go to: http://stefanthomas.biz/the-networking-retreat-experience-forthcoming-dates

Whichever event you choose to come to, I promise that the information I give you will make a positive difference to your networking success. Just talk to anyone who has already attended.


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