The people who work with me get real, tangible results – they sell more.

Whether it is improving their networking introduction, structuring a follow up strategy or anything else networking related – I focus with them on what will actually work.

And we are getting real, solid, measurable results. Just ask any of the people who are working with me.

If you want to make a difference to your networking, quickly, with results that will last forever, choose one of these ways to work with me:

  • The 2 Hour Networking Session – Two hours, either face to face or by Skype (depending on where you are). You will get your 40 seconds rebuilt as above PLUS we will work on a presentation style to suit you AND design a following up strategy which works for you and your business. PLUS Following the call you’ll receive a personal Email from me covering the points we discussed, along with a recording of your 40 seconds.Just £225+VATBook your session at
  • The Networking Retreat. 24 hours to improve your results from networking forever. Come and spend 24 hours in Oxfordshire  with me and 10 other networkers from around the UK. You will get a 40 or 60 seconds which just works, a following up strategy designed for you, a social media plan which you will love, LinkedIn techniques which will generate leads, sales skills which you can use in every part of your business AND a one to one follow up call from me. 24 hours with me and a very exclusive group of business owners which will generate massive results. Plus you get to network with people from all over the UK who you won’t have met before. Just £799+VAT including your hotel accommodation and meals. For more details and to book go to –

Some people sit around the breakfast table wondering why other people are doing more business than them. I know why, and can make a massive difference, quickly.