Being in the right place at the right time with Head Resourcing


I went to the fantastic Gary Vaynerchuk “Vaynerworld” event in London last year. A few days after the event I read a blog on Medium by some guy called Scott Torrance who had also been at the event. (You can read Scott’s original blog here –

I favourited the blog and then dropped Scott a tweet to say how much I liked it. Fast forward a few weeks later and I happened to be in Scott’s home town, Edinburgh and we hooked up for a coffee. Scott really knows his stuff about online marketing and engagement and, as someone who REALLY doesn’t do enough real life networking, he still knows how to join up the online world with real life relationships.

Fast forward six months later, Scott and I have kept in touch and as, in the meantime, my book Business Networking for Dummies has been published, Scott asked for my thoughts on business networking for a series of interviews he is doing for Head Resourcing.

You can see the blog post, along with a transcript of the interview here – or watch the YouTube below:

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