Never underestimate the people in the room (or on Twitter)

Never underestimate

In my seminars and 4Sights at 4Networking events I always talk about the importance of not judging other people in the room. Too many people make the mistake at an event of trying to work out the value in people before they get to know them, basing their opinion on job title, or perceived ‘status’. For a lot of people this is a real eye opener, as a load of traditional networking advice talks about prejudging people and how it is important to work out who you should talk to in advance. It saddens me how many opportunities are missed this way.

I deal with this whole subject in Business Networking for Dummies as it’s something I really want people to get ‘right’.

But I also notice how people apply the same, flawed, logic on Twitter specifically and social media generally. Often people look first at the number of followers someone has, or how often they tweet, as a gauge of their ‘value’ or importance.

One of my recent followers on Twitter has less than 50 followers and hardly ever tweets – and yet she represents a really big opportunity for me. We hooked up at the Business Show in London, she came to one of my seminars, and we’ve got loads to talk about when we’re back in our respective offices.

Approach business networking and social media with an open mind. Walk past people based on their job title or numbers and you risk walking past huge opportunities.

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