Business networking – You have to keep yourself out there

Business Networking for Dummies

I was off ill for a while recently and book sales noticeably dropped off. I was still in the top 100 but only just. Being out there last week, speaking at Target Business Expo andPortsmouth Business Expo and this is the result, back in the top 10.

My book is a small ticket item, so possibly it’s much easier to track than a lot of businesses. But if you’re not out there, if you’re not visible, then people simply forget you’re there. Everyone has busy lives, it’s down to you to keep promoting your business, not down to everyone else to remember you.

My chosen way of promoting my stuff is networking, speaking and social media. When I stopped doing that, even for a few weeks, it made a noticeable and negative difference. I’m going to add some more stuff into my marketing mix, stuff which I used to do, just as a safety net.

Someone said that 80% of success is just turning up. I reckon this week has added some weight to that.

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