bnfd-cover-faceBusiness Networking for Dummies

When the team behind the “Dummies” series of books wanted someone to write about Business Networking – they chose Stefan.

From nervous networker to running the UK’s fastest growing joined up networking organisation Stefan has learnt, through brute force, how to make networking work for him and now, in his first book, Business Networking for Dummies, he explains how you can use it too.

Packed full of information and usable advice, Stefan takes you through every aspect of networking, including what to say in your introduction, how to handle your one-to-ones, how and when to follow up and, ultimately, how to use networking to grow your business.

Learn to:

  • Use networking to grow your business
  • Get the most out of networking events and organisations
  • Introduce yourself and your business with confidence
  • Join up your networking using

Order the book today and let me know what you think.